Core 2 Duo Mobile line of microprocessors was introduced shortly after the Core 2 Duo desktop processors. Based on the Core micro-architecture, these mobile microprocessors have many features that are present in their desktop counterparts - dual CPU cores with shared 2 MB or 4 MB level 2 cache, 32 KB instruction and 32 KB data level 1 caches per core, ability to execute up to 4 instructions per cycle, support for SSE3 and supplemental SSE3 instructions, and so on. The mobile Core 2 Duo CPUs have lower Front-Side Bus frequency, lower core voltage and lower power consumption than desktop processors. The mobile Core 2 Duo CPUs not only include all low-power modes of desktop processors, they also have additional modes and features:

Some mobile core 2 Duo processors include Dynamic Acceleration technology. This technology is used to temporary increase maximum frequency of one processor core while the other core is inactive. Performance increase in this mode is not very big - essentially in this mode the clock multiplier is increased by 1.

Mobile Core 2 Duo processors have different model numbers depending on their power consumption and performance. All mobile processors manufactured in Small Form Factor (956-ball micro FCBGA) package have model numbers staring from 'S'. Remaining letters and digits in the model number designate: